Welcome to My DDFW Depot Edit

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Thank you for stopping by and checking out my stuff. You can contact me
via IM on the Dungeon Defenders Forum. My username is " D-Murf ", or feel
free to contact me via e-mail at .

About Me:Edit

I am a 35 year old kid. Although a professional in my field, I find great 
entertainment and stress relief through RPGs. I am no "GAMER" by any means as
I simply have too many hobbies. Please feel free to friend me in the DD forum 
as I am always looking for friends to trade items, level up characters, trade 
favors, and play the game with. I am playing out of the Nashville, TN area.

Thanks for stopping by!!    ~D-Murf

Items Currently Searching for:Edit

1. Blazemorne sword with good base stats for DPS Squire.
2. iGameshots staff with good base stats.
3. Monk animus pet.

Dungeon Defenders : First Wave


Items below are for sale or trade. I will try and keep my prices fair and
below market value. Please IM or e-mail me with offer. I am willing to 
barter pending on my needs. Serious bids only please. We all are forced to
trade on a "trust only" due to lack of inner game trading module, so play by
the rules, no stealing, hacked items, or funny business, and I will provide 
you good trading reviews and leveling favors. Thank you.

Fairy 1
Fairy 2
Fairy #1                   Fairy #2                    
$1,000,000 or trade        $2,000,000 or trade         
$500,000 or trade          $1,500,000 or trade


Godly Enchanted Pristine Set One:

GEP 1-Coat
GEP 1-Grips
GEP 1-Helm
GEP 1-Boots
For Sale : Complete Godly Enchanted Pristine Armor Set
- All items with strong base stats
- Will mix and match with sets 2 & 3 below
- Will not sell individually

Godly Enchanted Pristine Set Two:

Godly Enchanted Pristine Set Three:

Godly Enchanted Plate:

Godly Enchanted Mail:

Godly Enchanted Chain:


Squire Weapons:

Blazemourn 4
Blaze 2
Blaze 3
Blazemourn #1                 Blazemourn #2         Blazemourn #3
$2,000,000 or trade             $750,000 or trade     $1,000,000 or trade

Blaze 1
Blazemourn #4           
$750,000 or trade

Mjolnir 2
Mjolnir 1

Godly Nexus "Poison"       Mjolnir Hammer #1         Mjolnir Hammer #2
$400,000 or trade          $1,000,000 or trade       $1,000,000 or trade
                           $750,000 or trade

Apprentce Staffs: (will post soon)

Huntress Weapons:
Valor 1
Valor 2
Valor 3
Valor's Bonesharder #1    Valor's Bonesharder #2   (SOLD)  
$750,000 or trade         $1,000,000 or trade

Monk Weapons: (will post soon)